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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets can bring a whole new kind of joy and love to families, with their mellow spirits and desire to simply be with you. Senior pets do, however, need special care to keep them happy, healthy, and as pain-free as possible in their later years.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

At Highland Animal Hospital, senior pet care is near and dear to our hearts. Our pets have been our best friends for years, providing us with countless memories, companionship, and adventure, and now it’s our turn to look out for them and make sure their golden years years with us are peaceful and enjoyable.

Pets age more quickly than humans, so age-related issues can spring up even faster. Older pets have rapidly changing health needs. From age-related chronic ailments like arthritis to potentially deadly diseases like cancer or diabetes, it’s important to catch problems early. That’s why we recommend moving senior pets up from one wellness exam a year to two. 

During each routine exam, we’ll run some basic tests that may include urinalysis, a blood test, and, in some cases, x-rays.

You should also bring in your senior pet if you notice a sudden or dramatic change in behavior, sudden lethargy or signs of serious pain.

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