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Small condo for one dog
Medium condo for one dog
Medium condo for two dogs
Large condo for one dog
Large condo for two dogs
Indoor run for one dog
Indoor run for two dogs
Indoor run for three dogs
Luxury suite for one dog
Luxury suite for two dogs
Luxury suite for three dogs


Condo for one cat
Condo for two cats

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Requested services

Please feel free to request any of the following services while your pet is our guest.

Nail trim

Expression of anal glands

Administration of prescriptions (excludes insulin)

No frills cleanup bath prior to discharge
Short-haired dogs only
Small dogs (less than 30 lbs): $20.00
Large dogs (more than 30 lbs): $35 - $45

Brush teeth daily
Owner provides brush/paste

VIP treatment (extra playtime)

Please review the form to ensure all required fields are completed before submitting. We will call you shortly after we receive your boarding reservation request. Please be sure that you have provided a phone number where we can reach you.

Submitting this form does not guarantee a reservation. You must receive a phone call from a member of our staff to verify and confirm that your requested accommodations are available. The Highland Animal Hospital boarding staff may decline your request for accommodations if they are deemed too small for your pet.

If you have not recieved a phone call from our staff within 48 hours of submitting this form, please call our office at (781) 433-0467.

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